3 Best DNA Tests For Dogs

Home DNA testing are quite popular these days, and while the genuinely effective ones can be costly, you may save money in the long term. Actually, on your end, conducting DNA test consists of only a few simple steps: A kit is ordered, samples are collected from your dog via a mouth swab and returned, and then results are received.

When your pet’s sample is brought into the lab, it is extracted and processed for DNA analysis. At this stage, variations among the various dog DNA test kits become apparent. Veterinarian and canine behavior specialist Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD, told Bustle in an interview that it is important to purchase a testing kit that includes as many genetic markers as possible, and the number of breeds included in the testing. In particular, if you suspect that you have a rare breed of dog, you should get a kit that includes a large number of genetic markers. When it comes to achieving goals, more is always better.

The best canine DNA testing that provide the information you want

Wisdom and Embark canine DNA tests cost between $80 and $250, however keep in mind that these are the most highly regarded and effective home DNA tests available. The pricing difference is according on what is tested for in the kit. The less costly tests are only for breed identification, but the more expensive choices will include information on health and doggie relations, so the test you select is all up to you and what you want to learn more about. In any case, most canine DNA testing are quite simple! All you need to do is swab your pup’s cheek, submit your kit to the lab, and wait two to four weeks.

Your dog’s DNA test results might vary, but most providers suggest you should expect findings in two to four weeks.

Why you should DNA test your dog

You can learn a lot about dogs by doing a DNA test on them. The most important test results will show which breeds your dog is comprised of (and give you a breakdown by percentage, too). The findings may say your dog is half German shepherd, half boxer, and half American pit bull terrier. In an interview with Bustle, Michael San Filippo, a spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association, responded to a question about whether it is important to know whether one is preparing for common health issues like hip dysplasia in a breed by saying, “This information is definitely fun to have, but it can also be considered when anticipating or preparing for some common health issues that may be associated with the breed.” He also stated, “Owners of tiny schnauzers and collies may wish to offer their dogs a low-fat, high-fiber diet, because they are more likely to have high cholesterol.” With respect to dog health and nutrition, it is always wise to consult your dog’s veterinarian before making any changes.

It is possible for certain DNA testing to screen for other things, too, such disorders your dog may have that put your dog at risk for certain diseases. Tests that come with greater prices usually include these tests.

How much do a dog DNA tests cost ?

However, the price of a canine DNA test kit might vary. Breed-testing kits typically cost between $60 and $150. (for breed testing and genetic health information). Wisdom Panel dominates the dog DNA test kit industry, whereas Embark dominates the horse DNA test kit market. To get the finest DNA test for your needs, have a look at the three dogs’ DNA tests below.

1.  Embark dog DNA breed identification kit

The Embark dog DNA test kit is a very comprehensive and reliable test. The Embark Research-Grade platform has 200,000+ markers uniformly spread across the genome, which represents nearly twice as much genetic data as other companies employing a research-grade platform.

Dog specimens taken from known carriers and at-risk canines were tested for the presence of genetic abnormalities. QTheir veterinary geneticists are prepared to aid with the interpretation of the data. uality assurance very good. Their stringent quality control guarantees that mutation tests have 99.99% accuracy and linkage-based testing have 99% accuracy

In two to four weeks, you will be able to see your findings on an online dashboard. Thus, you’ll receive a large amount of relevant data because this one is testing for both breed and health information. The information includes an identification report of the breed as well as a breakdown of maternal and paternal lineage ranging all the way back to great-grandparents. in addition, you may also discover and interact with other canines that are also related to you by way of DNA (or at least with their humans). You may learn a lot about your dog’s health by getting a health screening done with the health kit. It checks for 170+ prevalent hereditary health problems.

Additionally good: an extremely accurate dog DNA test that concentrates on breed identification
The Embark dog DNA test lets you discover whether your dog is a purebred.

Price: $189

2. Embark Dog DNA Test: Breed & Health

A more economic way to obtain more information about your dog’s breed composition is to utilize Embark’s less complete Embark dog DNA breed identification test. This dog breed identification kit focuses on identifying the breeds in your dog, however unlike the Embark’s Breed & Health Kit, which is intended to evaluate your dog’s overall health, this kit is focused just on identifying the breeds. Embark provides you with reliable and exact information as it is a test. The test screens over 250 dog breeds to get the findings.

Of course, if you want to know the most about your pet, you should use Embark’s Embark Breed & Health Kit. The project is a collaboration between Cornell University’s Veterinary School and our company. With Embark Breed & Health Kit, you’ll get information on your pet’s breed breakdown and information on ancestors going back to great-grandparents.

You’ll ship a cheek swab taken from your dog to Embark so they may perform their tests.
For most projects, results will typically be available in two to four weeks. While the wait is long, Embark does a good job at updating passengers on progress, so passengers always know that things are happening. One or two reviews did mention that after sending out the test results, the amount of emails received was very excessive.

Not only does Embark test your dog’s DNA against other Embark-tested dogs, but also has a social component to it: It lets you interact with other dogs that have already been tested with Embark, who all have a common ancestor with your dog.
In addition to examining the breed, DNA is also tested for genetic health.
It’s also easy to view a well designed dashboard with all of the findings on Embark’s website, or to obtain a report (and especially if you need to share any important information with your vet).

Even though you don’t now want a DNA test for your dog, you can upgrade to the first selection in the line with no extra swabs or kits needed in the future. The money is definitely worth it! Everyone was mistaken about my rescue dog being a Rottweiler, Doberman, or hound; it was really a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Instead of directly teaching her, the trainer tried to figure out if she would have the temperament of a Rottweiler, and trained her accordingly. According to her breed breakdown, she is 60% Border Collie, 20% Australian Shepherd, and 20% Labrador Retriever. This makes sense and explains everything about her temperament and behavior. I’m very pleased I purchased this item. Her clever breed mix, and her flea and heartworm protection, were both modified to account for her medicines.

This is the best value, an affordable dog DNA test kit that tests for over 350 breeds.

Price: $129

3. The Wisdom Panel

The Wisdom Panel dog DNA test is your best choice if you want to spend less than $100, or if you believe your dog is a rare or mixed breed. The total cost of the kit is far less than what you would pay for Embark’s kits, yet it tests for 350+ breeds. A larger chance of a match will be found if more breeds are examined. If you suspect there are numerous or rare breeds involved, the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit is your best choice.

It’s capable of identifying 350 breeds, species, and mutations. Every test consists of two DNA swabs, and the process is simple. Once you have your sample, you’ll be able to identify what’s going on inside your dog’s mouth. This is more difficult than it looks. Make sure your dog does not eat, chew, or lick anything for two hours. mail the sample with prepaid shipping after that (also included). Your dog’s ancestry traces back to the great-grandparents when they are tested for hundreds of breed markers in a lab. Results will be delivered to you in three weeks. You will also receive dog weight range predictions and breed mix information. You may get your dog’s genetic analysis and their ancestry results back in about two weeks when you fill out your dog’s sample on the Wisdom Panel website. Be mindful that you will only learn about the MDR1 drug resistance mutation, which might potentially save your life.

Although this picks’ analysis of 1,800 genetic markers is far less extensive than the other two, it is based on a database developed by Wisdom Panel, which claims to have analyzed the DNA of more than 1.5 million dogs. There are other inexpensive tests, but this one alone is really amazing, considering how much more affordable it is compared to the competition. If you have the funds to pay, however, Embark’s 1,000,000+ genetic markers analyzed provides a higher level of assurance.

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