What Are the Benefits of Pet DNA Testing?

Are you the owner of a mixed breed dog and have long wondered what breeds your dog possesses?

Maybe you’re quite sure there’s some Rotweiler and Golden in there, but you’re convinced there’s another dominating breed you can’t identify.

With today’s incredible breakthroughs in science and technology, discovering solutions to these concerns may become a reality! DNA testing for dogs is becoming more popular, and there are presently a few firms that offer simple, low-cost in-home tests to the general public.

What are the Pros of DNA tests for Pets?

Some pet owners are just interested and want to know everything there is to know about their furry or feathered family members. However, DNA testing does far more than simply gratifying one’s curiosity. Here are some of the most important advantages of DNA testing for your dog, cat, horse, or bird:

Aside from the apparent benefit of satisfying your curiosity, there are several genuine advantages to understanding you dogs breed makeup.

It helps you know what to expect from your dog

For starters, each breed has its own set of personality traits and peculiarities. Knowing what to expect from your dog in terms of behavior and temperament based on their genetics may help you approach training, exercise, and even toy selection more effectively! In fact, the majority of in-home dog DNA testing kit findings offer a brief summary of what you may expect from the various breeds identified in your dog. It might be an epiphany that explains some of your dog’s odd habits or why your present training strategy isn’t working.

Gives you an idea of what medical concerns you dog may be prone to

Next, understanding what breeds are in your dog can give you an idea of what medical concerns they may be prone to. For example, if you discover that your dog has a high proportion of German Shepherd in them, you may find it simpler to get to the bottom of their skin problems because German Shepherds are known to suffer food allergies.

Separation anxiety, arthritis, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and cancer are all common in other breeds. Knowing what you could be up against ahead of time might assist you and your veterinarian deliver better treatment.

It’s a quite inexpensive way of learning about heritage

Another advantage of DNA testing your dog is that it is quite inexpensive. Depending on the provider, the cost of a test is between $60 and $200.

It teaches you about your pet’s characteristics and personality.

Some owners may regard this as one of the less significant perks because they already know how their pet looks and acts, but it is certainly intriguing. Choosing the finest pet DNA test is critical due to the information it offers. With this information, you may enhance and tailor your pet’s training program, which is appropriate for pets that participate in various contests, etc.

These tests can also tell you whether your pet is lacking something from their daily routine.

For example, you may believe that your dog is an active type since it resembles a greyhound mix, but many people are unaware that greyhounds are actually couch potatoes, and these tests may assist you in determining what your pup enjoys.

It gives information about your pet’s health hazards.

Horse DNA testing, for example, is critical because it provides owners with much-needed information about potential health issues that may impact their pet in the future. The same holds true for other creatures. Knowing your pet’s genetic composition reveals not just its pedigree but also the health issues it may be predisposed to. You may not be able to prevent some of these problems, but you will be aware of them and better equipped to deal with them.

It assists you in improving your pet’s condition and overall wellness.

This benefit is related to the one before it. Purchasing a dog DNA test kit, for example, and knowing everything you can about your dog may help you balance their diet and prepare them for the future. If you have the appropriate information, you will be surprised at how much good nutrition can alter your pet’s life.

With a little foresight from a canine DNA test kit, you may potentially avoid arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other problems. Some diseases may still emerge, as previously said, but knowing about them and enhancing your dog’s health helps make such conditions milder when they appear. Overall, these kits can assist you in determining what is best for your cat. You have the ability to significantly improve your pet’s quality of life, which is invaluable to any animal lover.

A summary of all the benefits

In essence, the benefits of DNA testing your dog are as follows:

  • Have fun eventually determining what your dog is a mix of.
  • Understanding their breed makeup will let you to better understand their personality features and idiosyncrasies, which will aid in training and exercise.
  • Based on the breeds they are a combination of, you may get a better sense of their optimal weight and size.
  • Take precautions against some diseases or disorders that your dog may be prone to.
  • They are very inexpensive and easily accessible.
  • It is simple to perform the test at home and send it away for results.

What are the Cons of DNA testing my pet?

With all of the benefits described above, you may be asking why you wouldn’t get DNA testing done on your dog. According to a 2018 interview in Science Mag, the possible drawbacks are as follows:

There isn’t a lot of study on dog gene mutations right now, thus the results might be deceptive or wrong in terms of health and disease. Pet genetic testing are not regulated. Currently, technology may be unable to establish your dog’s ancestry if a significant variety of breeds are present.

Another drawback may be the risk of them being inaccurate:

Should I test my pets DNA?

Overall, pet DNA testing may be useful whether you are just inquisitive about your pet’s breed or are interested in preventing future problems. It does not, however, replace routine diagnostic screening.
Furthermore, depending on the testing firm and its database, findings may not be completely accurate.
Cost may also be a consideration. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that any mixed breed pet, affectionately known as a mutt, is a great thing.

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