Reviews - Find My Pet DNA
Reviews - Find My Pet DNA
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Read what people are saying about their test.

Ziva was a rescue

Ziva was a rescue that we found over six months after losing our 14 year old Maltese. On Ziva’s cubicle door, it read, “They think I’m mostly Maltese.” And indeed she looks very much Maltese. But, the coloring in her ears and hair along with her personality made me curious to know exactly what breeds she actually is especially when people on the street stopped to comment that she looks Shih tzu or poodle. It’s wonderful knowing and not wondering, to be able to tell the vet, etc. that she is mostly Shih Tzu, some Poodle and a smaller amount Yorkshire Terrier. It will help with her health and longevity, so Thank You Find My Pet DNA for explaining it all!

Donna J, Port St. Lucie Florida

My recent experience

My recent experience with Find My Pet DNA has been a positive one. Not only was I able to ascertain the breed of my rescued animal, but I was also given the opportunity to test him for allergies which he unfortunately suffers from quite a bit. I would highly recommend your services to any dog owner and I will definitely refer you to my friends and family.

Melissa Walker

affordable to begin

Love Find My Pet DNA – we always wondered what other than Beagle was in our Beagle and now we know. The fact that some of the fee goes to rescues and is affordable to begin with, we thought it would just be a fun and an interesting thing to do, but dnamydog told us what health issues could arise, as well as some characteristics to look for. We were so happy, we ordered another one for our rescue pup! Thx so much.

L. Cohen, Dugald MB


affectionate, beagle-eyed

We have had our doubts about Lulu’s breed for a while now (even our vet has) so we thought we would give “Find My Pet DNA” a try. I was skeptical at first so I didn’t provide them with a photo of her, just her DNA sample. They had no visual reference to go off of. Yesterday we received her test results and were amazed to find that she is a Shih-Poo crossed with a BEAGLE. This explains so much about our lazy, gentle, affectionate, beagle-eyed, 30 pound “Shih-Poo”!!! I HIGHLY recommend Find My Pet DNA to anyone wanting to find out more about their “Heinz 57”. Completely painless for your dog and super easy to complete.

R. Witter, Hamilton ON

breeds of my dog!

Just wanted to let you guys know, I’m so happy to have found out the breeds of my dog! We suspected pitbull mix and possibly Great Dane. We weren’t sure what else, but she has very small ears and tail for being a 75 pound dog. Now we know! She ended up being level 2 Amstaff (pit), level 3 Sharpei (didn’t see that coming), level 3 Great Dane (I knew it!), level 3 Whippet (Lol, the small ears and tail!!!), and level 5 St. Bernard. Wow! I love your service and results and we’re having our other mutt tested. Thank you so much!

D. Christler, Vancouver WA

Great Pyrenees!

We are so pleased with Abbey’s DNA profile! We always wondered why our female Lab was 110 pounds! What was bulking her up? Great Pyrenees! Yes. I will be ordering kits for our boys.

J. Bacon, Niagara Falls ON

great job

I am so Happy I found Find My Pet DNA. They did a great job with wonderful customer service. I’ve been wondering about my rescue dog for years. Was told she was border collie/cattle dog mix. She is my constant companion, does not like to be outside without me and very low energy. She is mostly Cattle dog (2), Beagle (4), & Basenji & Lab (5). No Border Collie at all. 😉 I highly recommend Find My Pet DNA!!!

Rhonda J., Spokane Valley WA


testing was completely accurate

This testing was completely accurate as far as my pup was concerned. We were told he was a Border Collie mix but I had my doubts after a couple of weeks of having him home at 3 months of age. We did the dna test and found Judas was level three Brittany and Bulldog, level four Rat Terrier and Boxer and level five Akita. Doing this test has helped us and him on so many levels as far as training and keeping him happy as we can see each breed in him to varying degrees. The Rat Terrier, Brittany and Boxer are most prevalent. I would recommend this test to anyone who has a mixed breed dog.

Diana Koche, Dover OH

I was super impressed

I was super impressed with the service and results of the DNA testing of my rescue dog. I made a “fun(d)raiser” out of it – for $5.00 people got 3 guesses as to her breed and had a chance to win a doggy plate and a gift cert. Several people donated way more than $5.00 and over $100 was raised for our Humane Society. One person guessed all 3 breeds correctly! I would highly recommend this service. It is nice to know the background of a dog so you know the traits and health risks involved.

K. Raine, Thunder Bay ON

So thanks!

Find My Pet DNA has identified the breeds of my three mystery rescue dogs. One of our dogs is 22 lbs with a 7 lb mother and we didn’t know the father’s breed. Turn out our boy Freddie is a poodle! Mabel was days from being euthanized at a shelter because she was designated a Pit Bull X when she was dropped off as a “stray”. We took her in as a foster to save her life. And the final mystery was Gigi. We fostered her from 4 weeks, even though the breeder that dumped her claimed she was 8 weeks/ Our vet thought maybe she was part Jack Russell, but you have confirmed she’s a Bichon Frise – Chihuahua X. We have a friend in Mexico who has an amazing white Huskie X but he’s not sure with what, so I’m going to send a kit down to him. Long story short, your service is very reasonably priced, incredibly accurate, and gives insight into these mystery dogs that you couldn’t know any other way. So thanks!

Emily J., Burlington ON

so happy to find out

I am so happy to find out that Belle is part Boston Terrier. She is definitely one of the coolest dogs we’ve have ever had but we couldn’t see the Jack Russell in her and we always wondered what mix she truly was. So, you can imagine our excitement when we found out she was part Boston Terrier. Guess I did get a Boston Terrier for Christmas, after all. Thank you and I have passed your site on to all my friends and family so you will be hearing from them soon.

T. Alexander, Kingsman AZ


Super easy and fun

My dog’s name is Dobson. I would have sworn he was a lab but instead he’s shar-pei, beagle, mastiff. Did not see that coming! So much fun. I will be telling all my rescue friends to get it too. Super easy and fun. I loved it!

Avery, Guelph ON