About Us - Find My Pet DNA
About Us - Find My Pet DNA
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About Us

We’re pet parents, too. Just like you.

We love our furry family members and can’t imagine life without them. Can you?

Pure or mixed breed, pups or senior dogs, the canine species are wonderful companions, family members and best friends. However, they still are a different species. No matter how much we think we understand them, our inter-species kinship with our dogs has its own setbacks.

As pet parents, we often find ourselves wondering about why our dogs behave the way they do – why is he acting this way? What is up with that attitude? Who’s a good boy – but wait, are you really a good boy? Why doesn’t he like to fetch?

We’re also constantly worried about their overall health and well-being. We easily get nervous when we bring them to the vet and we get grilled about our dog’s breed and background.

And that’s what we’re all about –

To set your mind at ease and get you the answers you need about your dog’s overall personality and health is the mission of Find My Pet DNA. By getting a dog DNA test, you will gain the confidence and reassurance you need once you learn all about your dog’s unique lineage and ancestry.

We’re proud to say that our products are designed by dog breed experts and produced in accordance to the highest standards. Combined with our extensive database of certified dog breeds, every sample sent to us is analyzed with care and accuracy.

With Find My PET DNA, we offer you the rare chance to know your dog’s canine heritage intimately and accurately. A simple cheek swab is all you need to unlock the mysteries of your dog’s personality, health and well-being.